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The Schuler Review

Paul Peng | Fast Art for Fast People

Herman Schuler

Pullproof has a nice clean space, it works well with Peng’s very detailed drawings. Some of the drawings were made to flow like a lake. Others were more offbeat, sort of like a drum that isn’t tuned. The two different types of work compliment each other. Harmonize together. Peng figured out how to harmonize these together, probably through a lot of practice. I just had a Fred Sanford moment thinking about how much work Peng must do everyday. Great skill. Different textures of graphite and curves.

Looks like a moonscape. Can see a lot of stuff in these abstracts. I see a horned owl. Almost looks like a cave or something. Abominable snow monster. The mask from the movie Scream. A big bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce spilled on it. An oil slick out in the middle of the ocean. I guess you could call it ink blotch pencil drawing.

The work pops out at you like popcorn. If you don’t put the lid on the popper it goes everywhere. Gets all over the place. If it gets all over the place you gotta get someone to clean it up. If the popcorn stays on the ground too long it will attract bugs and then eventually rats. Its a bad thing to have rats running around a gallery. Not good. But Peng’s stuff is good so the rats must have good taste. Of course some rats will get rid of the rats. The exterminator rats.

Keep an open mind, Peng’s work can mean any number of things. Peng’s character is positive. Anxiously curious.