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The Schuler Review

Derek Peel and Selena Hurst | A Better Home and Garden

Herman Schuler

Derek Peel and Selena Hurst - A Better Home and Garden

A lot of stuff is going on, and I do mean a lot of stuff. This was my first time at Bunker Projects and in a local installation. I didn’t have to do anything, which is nice.

Artificial turf on the floor. The slope goes up and there is a little pit with soft stuff inside, and where the turf ends, the soft stuff starts. I live out in the suburbs so I don’t know much about turf, but it used to be everywhere out there. Not out there now because it lost popularity - must be out of style.

Subway tile is painted on the wall, because they didn’t want to put real tile on the wall. It’s easier in practice to paint the tile up.

The floor felt kind of spongy, like a cushion. Took the ease of walking away. Looked like wood, but wasn’t. I would not install this in my own house.

Dirty dropped ceiling is used as cover up, but covering up what? Again wouldn’t want this in my house, if I had a house. Lot of switches in the room, an unusual decoration. Hard to say which one works. Red switch is probably a decoy. Guess it wants to be different.

The show totally woke me up. It is inspiring. Be prepared to be amazed.

Whatever you do don’t bring food.

Artwork by

Derek Peel ( &

Selena Hurst (

Curated by Emma Vescio (