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The Schuler Review

Charlie Wallace | Danny DeVito

Herman Schuler

Charlie Wallace - Danny DeVito

Charlie Wallace will be exhibiting his work at Handmade Arcade at the David Lawrence Convention Center on December 8, 2018.

Charlie has a unique style with a lot of detail. It looks exactly like the Penguin character from Batman. The tape does not detract from the drawing. Charlie depicts people from recent history - important people in recent history.  Characters from the 20th century. American pop culture.

These are his superheroes.

Penguin is a gangster type with the way he dresses and acts. I certainly wouldn’t want him as a neighbor. So when he comes along, you say “so there goes the neighborhood!”

One time in a Batman movie, he was down in a sewer, which is appropriate. Penguin gets pushed into the water at the end - that’s how the movie ends. No memorial, just push him down into the water and that’s it. Good Riddance. He just sinks.

The clothes are good. Makes sense that Penguin is more stout than tall. Maybe Charlie made this cause it’s his favorite character. I think Charlie is… a reasonable person.