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The Schuler Review

Pablo Picasso | Les Femmes D’Alger

Herman Schuler

Pablo Picasso - Les Femmes D’Alger

Kind of strange. Colors are kind of wild. Imagination is way out there, in an offbeat sort of way. More vibrant than typical museum paintings. So much going on, that anywhere you look, something weird is going on. Awkward shapes, abstract figures, and wild stripes.

There is such a thing as TMI - or, too much information.

Hard to tell what’s going on. Could be bad, but it’s a good thing to not know what’s going on. By not knowing you have to ask yourself questions. Picasso is asking the question back to the viewers.

Selling something like this now would be a hard sell. Doesn’t look like super skilled paint strokes. An amateur could fake this painting. Old saying – “Money talks.” If the price is right, it will be sold. That game show has nothing to do with this.