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The Schuler Review

Kim Bond | The Visitor

Herman Schuler

Kim Bond - The Visitor

That’s the question. Are they real? And if they are, is it true that the government is always the first one on the scene? To take away evidence and then deny it?

Of course. They take it to Area 51, which is supposed to be very classified. And then deny it.

I think that if The Visitor did come to Earth, it was because of an ulterior motive. Why not choose some of the other planets? They must think that the Earth is the only other planet, other than their own, that has intelligent life. They must want something to do with us. They want to know more about us, kind of like a fact finding mission. All the stuff that is wrong with the Earth, they are probably here to help us.

I think an alien would look something like this - here come the Grays. I think Bond got the spaceships right for the most part. The big ship, looks like a huge kite. Small ones look like geodes, opened up they would look like something else. She has good craftsmanship, which helps legitimize it. I think her story is true - that a bright light came to her bedroom.

Bond has all the elements in place. The landscape in the painting looks like a cross between land and sea. The back looks like mountains. Looks like it could be out in the woods. Looks like day time, but the sky looks mostly like night.