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The Schuler Review

Herman Schuler | Winter Abstract

Herman Schuler

Herman Schuler - Winter Abstract

The reason why I did this particular piece of artwork is because it reminds me of winter time. It doesn’t matter if you are there, but matters that it reminds me of it.

First the snow starts up at the top, then it works its way down onto some stumps. I put the stumps there to be part of the landscape, to help contrast with the flatness. I would give myself two thumbs up for this technique.

Mod podge all over it to stick materials to the piece to make it look like a winter abstract. Gesso was used, gesso is like old lumpy oatmeal. Dries like old petrified oatmeal. Why I used it is for this effect. Kind of helps the stuff on the canvas look like winter.

Whats great about the painting is snow is in short supply this month of December for Christmas. This makes me think of something like snow, it gives me the feeling of peace and serenity. It has the Christmas spirit.

It is not exactly cold, I don’t exactly want it to get cold. Maybe 30s or 40s, but still have snow. It would be a proper perspective to say I like snow.