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The Schuler Review

Darian Johnson | Karate

Herman Schuler

Darian Johnson - Karate

I once saw The Karate Kid on T.V. This is from the 2nd fight, where Karate Kid lifts his leg, and then kicks with the other leg. Cobra Kai was the bad guy - Karate Kid topples him over.

Black belt stuff.

Johnson is probably a fan of the movie. Good taste. Two thumbs up for attention to detail. Good perspective with the spectators watching the show. Looks very professional. 3D main figures, 2D background. Yellow outlines help Karate Kid standout. Colors compliment each other, but they don’t overpower each other. Pops off the canvas - kind of like popcorn.

The Karate Kid videos are kind of intense, which is what’s happening on the canvas. Captures what the movie is about - totally remarkable. Darian is a genius of sorts.  The only way to describe this...

One word: awesome.