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The Schuler Review

Zach Brown | 13 Monsters

VaultArt Studio

The monsters posed for paintings, no two are alike. Snowflakes. Some have no face, their faces have melted off. Nuclear fallout? The black frames and backgrounds add a Gothic flair, a foreboding terror. Eyes Without a Face.

A German word for forbidden.

Reminded of Bride of Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein makes his Monster a Bride, but she rejects him. She doesn’t love him back. In the end, the Monster says “YOU GO. YOU STAY.” He releases Victor and blows up the castle. “WE BELONG DEAD.” The whole movie is about the Monster not really being a monster. He’s alone.


Monsters are terribly misunderstood creatures. I think Brown is trying to put people into their shoes - if these monsters wear shoes. Monsters are only scary if you make them out to be. People who have a taste for the macabre understand this. They are not so quick to judge something they don’t understand.

I would probably put one of these in the living or dining room. Depends on the person who might have this hanging in their house. Some people might like bizarre and creepy things while decorating their house. I doubt my mom would want one of these in her house. She would probably hang it in a dark corner in the basement. Putting this into a corner might summon the creature to do something terrible though.

Some things are better left alone.