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The Schuler Review

Lizzee Solomon | About Face

VaultArt Studio


Different materials like wood, pieces of acrylic, put together like a jigsaw puzzle. This looks abstract but it is not. Concept running parallel with material process. These are human faces.

When seeing the work for the first time it might look humorous, then it comes off scary. Nightmare inducing. Wild fluorescent colors with a bizarre momentum coming off the wall. Would I put one of these in my bedroom? Depends on the context. 

Some kind of cat, an English bulldog, a version of a gecko, a vampire bat. And then the humans. Solomon’s work translates her ideas from different cultures. My culture is Pittsburgh - I know Antonio Brown. He used to be in the Steelers but was traded to the Oakland Raiders. He was disgusted by the whole Steelers franchise. Some people say he was good then turned bad. Some people say he was making a statement. Solomon included him. That’s her statement. 


Made my day that Solomon came to the gallery. I highly recommend introducing yourself to the artist, otherwise you are being rude. 

Call ahead of time.