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The Schuler Review

Laura Jean McLaughlin | Double Headed

Herman Schuler

Laura Jean McLaughlin - Double Headed

The faces are both different. One is facing forward, one is facing backward. One is looking forward to the future, one is looking back at the past. I think they are neither good nor bad. Probably morally gray.

Why would someone have two heads? What is going on down in DC? The press guys and everyone down there have two heads. Like the forked tongue of a snake. That’s kind of odd. McLaughlin’s art is kind of odd: in a good way.

The piece is probably something from mythology. Greek with a coat of paint on it. Mythology wasn’t written, it was done mostly through images. Which makes this even more interesting. Really takes some advanced knowledge of clay to make something like that. Don’t want to drop it, it would break into a million pieces.

The piece is big. Not huge-big, but torso-size-big. I like the way all the glazes are used on it, has good color and contrast to it. It boils down to time and patience. Practice is essential; you would never be able to come close to creating something like this otherwise. Everyone is probably impatient to a certain degree.  I am surprised this piece is still in her collection. It would look great in a museum. It is worthy of being museum quality.

One of a kind, actually. McLaughlin said this piece was, in fact, two of a kind; and one was sold already. Mind blown - again.

Outstanding. It was an honor to be invited first. The best way I can do it.