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The Schuler Review

Maggie Kambic | Wall I

Herman Schuler

Maggie Kambic - Wall I

This painting is called “Wall I.” I guess it’s called “Wall I” because it’s the shape of a wall, looks like a wall, and is different colors like a wall. The wall is painted, because Kambic wanted the wall to be painted. Walls could be brick, painted on plaster, some cinder-block. A wall is usually dark colors, but this is bright. Bright colors, like neon. A rare wall.

This wall is kind of like an offbeat colored rainbow - very interesting. The use of white helps contrast with all the other colors. It helps all the other colors pop. There is a lot going on in the painting. Energy. A positive energy. Positive energy is the opposite of negative energy. Positive energy is enlightening. A zen type thing. Potential.

This looks more like a mural than anything else. A mural of what? A lot of imagination. The mural isn’t of any specific thing, because a lot of stuff goes on in the painting. Picasso, or Van Gogh - like. It’s textured, which adds some kind of dimension to it. It stands out from the canvas in 3D. The line work is great, the way it jumps off the canvas.

In short: this is sell-able. If it is available, which I don’t know if it is or not, the buyer must consult Kambic first.