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The Schuler Review

Pep Boys

VaultArt Studio


Let's start at the beginning: Pep Boys. Is it alright to use the Pep Boys name in this review? I don’t want to get in trouble for using some sort of licensed copyright. I never thought I would critique a Pep Boys, but here I am. I guess I have to start with the fact that the bulb in the car burned out. So I found myself in the Pep Boys at 936 S. Millvale Avenue where I got 2 bulbs for 1. Finding the bulb was easy, the store is very open and organized. I don’t remember if there was music playing, but the place smelled clean. Maybe a little like car fresheners. That might be because I was in the car freshener isle at the time.

2 (1).jpg
3 (1).jpg

I walked around the store where there was a bunch of product. Everything you need for a car. It is really phenomenal in there. Once I bought the bulb I went out to put the new bulb in the car, and, viola! It worked.

It’s an accomplishing feeling to be able to change your own bulb. Saving money instead of getting a technician to do it. $4 per bulb compared to having a technician fixing it was way cheaper. It also saved time: technicians have a list of cars they need to fix. It’s not rocket science and by doing it yourself you save money.

4 (1).jpg

I would recommend Pep Boys if you need a bulb replaced. Real quick-in and quick-out.