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(SOLD) Me, my Girlfriend Amanda, and my Best Friend Lee at Disney World - ink  -2017.jpg

Sean Regis Traynor

Sean Regis Traynor

American, b. 1993

American, b. 1993


I want people to think they love my art, and I want them to think it’s lovely, and fantastic, and phenomenal. I love to draw stuff that I’m thinking about doing that day, so that I never get bored anymore. And I love to draw my favorite cartoon characters, like PBJ Otter and Chip & Dale. And I want people to know that I love Simba. And I love to draw Royal vacuum cleaners and old Kirby sweepers. I love to draw anything I think about doing. I do love to draw sleepovers with my BFFs.

I love Simba because he’s my favorite cartoon character, he’s the same color as my McDonald’s fries. But I would never eat him because he’s my BFF.

I love to draw myself living alone at Hampshire House with my four cats: Peanut, Simba, Ralphie Bot and Orange Crusher. Can I tell you two things? I love flounder fish and old Kirby sweepers. And I love cats, especially Simba cats.

And I don’t like when people ask “are you sure?” because that’s hard for me to answer. And I really hate when people yell at me, or say “please” when I’m talking too much, or say the word “attitude,” and I don’t like to get consequences, and I don’t like gross things at all, and I do not like the hyenas from The Lion King because they threatened to kill Simba.