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Heikeem Johnson

Heikeem Johnson

American, b. 1990

American, b. 1990


It all started when I was drawing a lot of ninjas. My old friend taught me how to draw ninjas and ninja females. The more I draw the more I’ll be better, and I’m going to become a real ninja drawer. The ninjas I draw will come to life and visit me in the future. The real ninjas will come to me.

I use my hand to concentrate and be happy. I stared at my hand for 3 hours. Then, I stare at my brother’s hand. It is all thanks to my ninja powers, my “chi”.  So, then, I will never get frustrated and stressed again. No one will get in my space.

I want all the college girls and college boys to be happy.

There is a war between good, bad, and evil.  All the bad guys fight the evil guys, and the good guys fight everyone. The bad guys and the evil guys fell in love with all three females, and this started the war.

As for me? I continue on.