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Brian Greiner

Brian Greiner

American, b. 1991

American, b. 1991


I want to bring people into the Halloween, how I love the Halloween, and how I express myself. I love Halloween. The color, the characters, it comes to life. How they fit different things into it. Plus I was born the week before Halloween.

I want to take my level up a little bit, do different stuff. I want to go from the canvas, to paper, to models. Incorporate it into bodies. I’m a big fan of vampire. Toxic Blood is similar, it represents what I have, medical-wise. I love vampires so much. Me and my dad used to sit down and watch vampire movies, very old-school.

My art has never been shown, ever. Only my family and stuff has seen it. I like to get something new. Do something new, like keep working on my, figure out what my style is, what I like, what art I’m into.

Every person I meet, never stop learning in real life. Take everything you see and know, never stop in real life. You passing by, you do it.